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Gold and silver island: 2014 two methyl ether Market Industry Overview

Gold and silver island: 2014 two methyl ether Market Industry Overview

Two methyl ether in recent years, more is known, but it is negative news, the main two methyl ether in the liquefied gas explosion and the fight against mixed with the news. Dimethyl ether (DME) uses many, can be used for medical treatment, spray, synthesis of dimethyl carbonate dimethyl, sulfuric acid dimethyl ester, ethylene, dimethyl sulfide, alkyl halides, dimethyl ammonia and benzene acetic acid and acetic anhydride,. Furthermore, DME can also be pure burning, compared with natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, but of dimethyl ether (DME) lack of government support, the pure burning and difficult to spread, and in recent years, relevant information to people caused by dimethyl ether is a bad impression of dangerous goods, causing parts of the users to accept, there is dimethyl ether special bottle and special-purpose cooker not specialize in the production of, special focus is still under study, and special bottle compared to slightly higher prices of steel bottle of liquefied petroleum gas, many businesses prefer to use liquefied gas cylinder, but dimethyl ether will accelerate the rubber (15525, -130.00, - 0.83%) ring aging, forming a danger, or cause leakage. Dimethyl ether car more difficult to promotion. Therefore, the DME is still mainly used with liquefied gas mixing and in recent years mixing proportion is more and more, but this makes the liquefied gas demand decrease, hence the mixed doped industry have been suppressed, dimethyl ether situation more and more difficult.
Plan in July last year, the introduction of mixed standard doped continued to hold, in May this year, in the gold and Silver Island gas meeting, China City Gas Association Secretary General of the country late king Mr. said this standard infinite would be stranded, the introduction of hopeless. Two methyl ether in the traditional areas or the more the more dim. Source: Treasure Island


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