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How to improve the quality of aerosol products

How to improve the quality of aerosol products

To successfully promote aerosol products, packaging manufacturers of products or services must meet the requirements of the market. In order to achieve this, aerosol packaging manufacturers to a series of technical factors to carry out strict control. Here are two of the most critical factors:
1 aerosol valve sealing control
2 valve stem washer (valve pad) selection
1 aerosol valve sealing control
1.1 what is the seal
Seal is the use of six or eight valve seal valve seal valve seal valve cover the inner wall of the valve cover with a central radial outward pressure, so that the tank diameter of 1 inches of the process.
A ring groove is formed on the inner wall of the sealing cup, which is located in the lower edge of the inner wall of the tank.
1.2 effective sealing valve
Effective sealing valve must have the following characteristics:
- a good iron and iron contact is formed between the sealing cup and the mouth of the pot.
No deformation of the tank
The sealing cup washer can form the best pressure on the top of the pot mouth.
* seal well
Effective sealing valve depends on the following two factors:
* sealing depth
Seal diameter
1.2.1 sealing depth
Each of the different tanks has an optimum depth of sealing, which is recommended for the calculation of the depth of the seal. List the factors that affect the sealing effect:
Sealing cup wall thickness
Aluminum cup
Tin cup
Thickness of the sealing cup after compression
Sleeve type washer
Cutting washer
Contact height
* C
Note: C refers to the height of the contact between the 3.9mm and 4.3mm, but it may also be due to the different manufacturers of different.
How to calculate the sealing height (D)
Sealing height = sealing cup thickness + compression thickness + contact height
Or: D=A+B+C
Now for example:
Assume that the valve is:
Tin sealing cup, using cutting washer (black rubber washer);
The contact height of the tank is 4.2mm
The sealing height (D) shall be calculated as follows:
D=0.27+0.65+4.2=5.15mm + 0.10mm
1.2.1 sealing diameter
Valve sealing cup support degree of material stretching limit. So. The sealing depth is directly related to the sealing diameter.
The recommended sealing diameter is 27.10mm + 0.10mm
2 valve gasket (valve pad) choice
The stem gasket is the key part of the valve components, it ring attached to the stem. When the valve is in the closed position, the stem gasket will stem micropore closure, even in the spray process, the stem gasket although varicose, but must still keep the airtight state.
Common stem material:
Chloride rubber
Ding Na rubber
Ding Ji rubber
When the valve, in particular the valve stem washer and product of the solution, the product will be due to different formulations or expansion, testing. This is very important.
Ideal washer expansion should be between 15% and 5%.


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