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semiautomatic aerosol filling machine

  • Crimping machine
  • Crimping machine
  • Crimping machine
Crimping machineCrimping machineCrimping machine

Crimping machine

  • Product number:FD-QGBF
  • Production capacity:1800~2400 cans per hour
  • For valves: 1
  • Working pressure (MPa): 0.5-1.0
  • Product description: FD-QGBF semi automatic sealing machine is applicable to the international general 1 inch valve cover for inner sealing. With safe and reliable operation, convenient operation and adjustment, high seal

Product Description:

The machine is suitable for sealing all types of aerosol cans. And the aerosol cans sealed by it can maintain a high degree of gas tightness in poor condition for a long time.

Technical Parameters

Applicable Specifications 1″(25.4mm)
Production Capacity 1200-1500can/hr
Can Height 70-330mm


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