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Automatic aerosol filling machine

  • Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine
  • Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine
  • Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine
Automatic Aerosol Filling MachineAutomatic Aerosol Filling MachineAutomatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

  • Product number:FD-QGQ-1
  • Production capacity: 1800~2400 cans per hour
  • Filling tolerance:≤±1%
  • Filling capacity: 50~1500ml
  • Product description: FD-QGQ-1 automatic aerosol production line has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, filling the generic one inch tank mouth specifications tinplate, aluminum aerosol cans.




FD-QGQ-1 spray bottling assembly line consists of 4-head rotary liquid filling machine, 3-head rotary gas filling and sealing machine, booster compressor, and bottle dispenser machine.

This production line is famous in providing efficient and accurate performance. It can bottle the horse mouth metal can with the international standard of 1 inch diameter and aluminum type spray bottle. It is suitable for bottling water, oil, milk, F12, DME, CO, and many heavy projectile substances. It can also suitable for food, chemical, medical product liquid type bottling. At the same time, barcode labeling can be done in the same production line. The implementation of quality check by water solvent ensures the bottling product will become more ultimate.

(2) Main Features:
I. In comparison with Taiwanese semi-automatic machines, this production line employs less labors but achieving higher production rate.
Ⅱ. More reliable, less wastage, durable.
Ⅲ. High accuracy bottling, high quality and stable performance.
Ⅳ. The bottle dispenser in this production line uses anti-explosion motor, the other power input of this production line is from compressed air, therefore safety is ensured.
Ⅴ. The main control components and sealing component of this production line employs imported famous brand. Therefore, it is more reliable and durable.
Technical parameters :

Ⅰ. Production rate:1800-2400 cans per hour
Ⅱ. Bottle capacity: 50~1000ml
Ⅲ. Repetitive bottling accuracy:±1%
Ⅳ.Suitable container dimension: diameter φ35~φ70, height:85~310mm, 1 inch diameter opening can.

Ⅴ. Compressed air source pressure:0.8~1Mpa
Ⅵ. Compress air consumption rate: 3m³/min


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