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Booster pumpBooster pumpBooster pumpBooster pump

Booster pump

  • Product number:FD-ZYB
  • Working pressure: 0.4-0.8 MPa
  • Output pressure: 0.8-2.5 MPa
  • Booster pump output: 30L/min
  • Product description: Booster pump

Booster pump suction tank propellant supply inflator, its role is improve the pipeline pressure to ensure the inflator ejection agent supplied in liquid form, to improve the accuracy of the amount of air pressure, so booster pump has a direct impact on an inflator.
FD-QGB series booster pump is the use of pneumatic components for the booster pump, the structure is relatively simple. Through two machine control valve received at both ends of the reciprocating cylinder, due to the piston in the cylinder with the bump touch motivation control valve, so the machine control valve output a command driven double control valve valve output, a driven air motor reciprocating motion. And because of the pneumatic motor direct connection a plunger pump can be suction propellant, when the pump suction ejection agent is used to avoid breathing vapor, ensure suction the liquid phase of the propellant. When the propellant used, booster pump will not stop to do reciprocating motion and pressure gauge pressure becomes low, replaced immediately gas storage device, or closed booster pump compressed air, to prevent the booster pump inhalation of gaseous propellant doesn't stop to do reciprocating motion caused by the sealing parts excessive wear.
Working principle: the compressed air as the driving force, two-way (to, complex) movement of the piston pump.
Technical features: the output of the pneumatic pump valve opens automatically when the valve is closed automatically stop; compressed air and is transported material separation, explosion-proof performance safe and reliable.
Main purpose: the supply of liquefied petroleum gas, two ether, liquid refrigerant steam pressure is less than 1.0MPA can be liquefied gas. Used as a pump, cylinder filling pump, booster pump, pumping the residual liquid pump etc.
Applications: in terms of liquefied petroleum gas, as liquefied petroleum gas pump, 15kg. 50kg liquefied gas cylinder filling pump cylinder pumping residual liquid pump etc.; refrigerant can be as 13.6 cylinder filling pump; lighter can as a remote pump, can be used for 2 to 100 sets of lighter inflator uses, aerosol as booster pump pressure send propane and butane, dimethyl ether, R134a.

Technical parameters :

Booster pump diameter: 80mm
Air cylinder line: 178 mm
Booster pump delivery volume: 10L/min
Working pressure: 0.4-0.8MPa
Maximum gas consumption: 1 cubic /min


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