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Automatic aerosol filling machine

  • Automatic aerosol filling machine
Automatic aerosol filling machine

Automatic aerosol filling machine

  • Type:FD-QGQ-1
  • Production speed:1800-2400 cans/hour
  • Filling accuracy:≤±1%
  • Filling capacity:50-1500ml
  • Product description:


Product Description:
QGQ-1 aerosol filling production machine is composed of can handling machine, stainless steel conveyor belt, 3 liquid filling moudles, one sealing moudles, 3 gassing moudle and 2 booster pumps.
1、 Purpose:
The production line has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision. It can be filled with one inch tinplate and aluminum aerosol cans. Suitable for filling water, oil emulsion solvent and other medium viscosity solute. It is also suitable for the loading of LPG, F12, DME, N2 and other propellants. It can also be used for liquid filling in food, chemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. At the same time, it can also be equipped with on-line valves, vacuumizing, pressing (inner and outer) covers, code injection and other related accessories, so as to improve the filling level of products.
2、 Main features:
1. Compared with the desktop semi-automatic production line, it saves labor and has high production efficiency.
2. Stable and reliable operation, few faults and long service life.
3. High filling precision and stable product filling quality.
4. The production line is driven by compressed air, with high safety.
5. The main control elements and seals of the production line are foreign famous products, so it has good wear resistance and reliability.

Technical parameters:
Filling capacity: 50-750 ml
Filling accuracy: ≤± 1%
Filling capacity: 50-750ml
Filling accuracy: ≤± 1%
Sealing accuracy: ≤ 1%
Production capacity: 1800-2400 cans / hour
Working pressure: 0.8-1.0mpa
Maximum gas consumption: 3 Cubic metres
/ min

Applicable aerosol can diameter: 35-70mm
Applicable air can
height: 80-330mm



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